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Experience the most scenic areas in the North with a former history major. Portuguese born and raised, Nuno Cardal has been taking photos of his country for over two decades. Author of 10 table top books including, Lisbon Illuminated, Porto Illuminated, and Portugal Panoramas his experience with lighting and detail offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to see a different view of Portugal. A professional photographer, his tours will not only tempt you visually but intellectually as well. These tours are customized and will be put together to best accommodate your interests.

Green Wine tour

Monção and Melgaço are two sub-regions of the Alvarinho grape, resulting in a white “green” wine considered the noblest due to it’s high quality. At present, has already several derivatives such as sparkling and rosé.
In this Tour we will visit a winery, Alvarinho Museum in Monção and the Solar of Alvarinho in Melgaço, both in medieval historical centers where you can walk inside the castle built in 1170 by the 1st King of Portugal.  Of course, lunch, will be in one of the best regional restaurants!


Santiago de Compostela – Galicia

Santiago de Compostela is the main tourist destination of Galicia and one of the largest in Spain. Within the Christian religion is the third largest center of pilgrimage after Rome and Jerusalem.
In this tour we will visit the Cathedral in it´s various visitable areas, with special emphasis on the tomb of the apostle James and the museum. We will walk through the most interesting sites in of the historical center and have lunch in a typical Galician food restaurant.


Ribeira Sacra – Galicia

The most beautiful and well-kept treasure of Galicia
The first historical reference “Ribeira Sacra” dates to the XII century dated in a document signed by Queen Teresa, mother of the first king of Portugal. This area extends majestically along the River Sil and in part of the Minho River. Also wine country is one of the few in the world considered heroic due to the slopes inclination supporting the terraces. The very high quality of the wine has led that, since the Roman occupation, was sent to Rome for Caesar’s. Not only magnificent wines, huge canyons, landscapes and a high number of medieval monasteries.
In this authentic time travel we will visit a monastery, a winery and we will walk through the vineyards.


5 Medieval Villages of Minho

Minho River is the northernmost border of Portugal. For this reason there was a special attention in their settlement, since their formation as a nation independent in the middle ages. This circumstance gave rise to five boroughs highly fortified with magnificent views, Caminha, Cerveira, Valença, Monção and Melgaço.
Today, the river that once separated us from Galicia, is the great road that unites us.
Caminha surrounded by fresh and salt water, Cerveira surrounded by art, Valencia is still a city whose historical center is surrounded by castle walls, Monção and Melgaço are surrounded by endless vineyards.
Let’s discover their secrets and know the stories and legends they have to tell.
Lunch in one of the best regional restaurants!


Braga & Guimarães birth of Portugal

Let`s explore two of the most ancient portuguese cities.
Guimarães is considered by many as the birthplace of Portugal, it is one of the strongest possibilities as birth place of our first king Afonso Henriques.
Flooded by history, we will visit the 15th century Paço (Palace) dos Duques de Bragança in Burgundian style, the Castle with origins from the 10th century and discover many secrets. All walking through  World Heritage.
In Braga, city of  Archbishops, we will visit the oldest Cathedral in Portugal and Bom Jesus Monte Sanctuary.
Lunch in one the finest restaurants of Portuguese cuisine.